Is A Balinese Instrumental Group Called A A.kajar C.gamelan D. Raga?


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A Balinese instrumental group is known as gamelan. It refers to any of a variety of instrument orchestras that are of Java-Balinese origin. It is actually an ensemble of string, wind and percussion instruments. It is an important music form in the country of Indonesia. This type of orchestra is popularly found as an accompaniment in religious ceremonies. It is said that every gamelan has its own uniqueness in tuning and in its sonic personality.

A gamelan consists of several instruments such as gongs, metallophones, xylophones, drums, cymbals, flutes etc. this word itself originates from the Javanese word gamel which means to strike or hammer in English. Its history is very old and mysterious. It is believed to have been created by Sang Hyang Guru who was a god who ruled over all Java. Thus this art form is even older than the Hindu-Buddhist culture prevailing in Java, Bali, Indonesia and the neighbouring countries.
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A balinese instrumental group is C: a Gamelan.

The group consists of wind, percussion and wood instruments.

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