My Computer Freezes When Watching Tv Shows Online. What Could It Be?


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Its prolly your flash version that is sucking. You either have an outdated version of it or one that is incompatible with your machine.
Google flash and you can download the newest version for free or the one that is good for your pc.
If this doesnt work try updating your display driver. Control panel-device manager-display driver_right click then update driver software.

Oh and you should defragment your disk. Search for disk defragmenter on your computer. Good luck.
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A lot of times its the computer software or the connection. But sometimes you might need more to install before watching the video. Also a lot of sites are slower because they can contain viruses and what-not from the internet so be careful! =)
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Also, what could happen is that you have too much things on your computer. I downloaded a couple of movies onto my computer and it froze every time I got on the internet, until I threw all these movies out.

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