Who Are The Models In The Benny Benassi Video, 'Satisfaction'?


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The models you're looking for are:

  • Jerri Byrne
  • Thekla Roth
  • Natasha Mealey
  • Lena Frank
Who are those hot girls from the 'Satisfaction' music video?
Actually, it depends which version of the video you're talking about, as the models mentioned above didn't actually feature in the original music video for the song.

The original video consisted of an animated version of the Hypnotica album cover (you can watch it here).

Needless to say, this version didn't get as much attention as the subsequent video, which featured scantily-clad women handling power tools.

As far as who those mysterious 'hotties' are, here are their names and a little bit about them:

  • Jerri Byrne - Jerri is a trained ballroom and jazz dancer, although she also has experience as a nightclub podium dancer. She hails from Manchester, in England.
  • Thekla Roth - Thekla is from Lancaster, England - although she spends most of her time between LA and London. She was also a stunt-double in the Coyote Ugly movie.
  • Natasha Mealey - Natasha studied architecture in college, but chose to pursue a successful career in glamour modelling. She currently lives in London, and spends her time designing jewelry and sexy lingerie.
  • Lena Frank - Is a British adult model who has featured topless in several UK-based magazines and newspapers. A Google search of her name reveals a number of 18+ videos... So I guess that's what she's keeping busy with, at the moment!

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