Which Member Of The Def Leppard Band Is Dead?


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Steve Clark died 8th January 1991.
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Steve Clark (Stephen Maynard Clark) was the sharing leads guitar player for the highly acclaimed British rock band named 'Def Leppard'. He passed away on the 8th of January, 1991.
Stephen Maynard Clark was born on the 23rd of April, 1960. He was born and raised in Hillsborough in the North West suburb of Sheffield, England. He went to 'The Shadows' concert at the age of 6 and asked for a guitar when he turned 11, his father agreed on the condition that he would learn to play. Steve Clark's favorite guitar player was Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin.

He joined Def Leppard in the year 1978. He was asked to join the band after Pete Willis the original guitar player and founder of Def Leppard had seen him at one of his shows. However Pete was later fired due to his drinking problems. When Phil Collen joined the band immediately crossed boundaries in their sound.

The combination of Collen and Steve Clark were known as the 'Terror Twins'.

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