What Site Can I Download Free Music Directly To My Blackberry?


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You can transfer music from your computer to your Blackberry using a USB cable or Bluetooth.  If you want to download free music, you can do a search for websites on Google.

Some of these websites may come with viruses, so it is ideal to update your anti-virus software to be on the safe side. You also need to be very aware that downloading music for free is illegal and should not be done, unless of course the artist offers a track for free to their fans.

Those who upload music for free or send it to their friends are also breaking the law, along with those who receive and keep or use the track sent to them.  Many people are not aware that they are breaking the law when they do this.

The best thing to do is to purchase music from iTunes or Amazon, and transfer it to your Blackberry.  Tracks can be very cheap these days, around 79p each, so it won’t break the bank and you’ll be supporting the artists you’re listening to by paying them for their work, just like you’d pay to have a kitchen fitted or for a magazine in a shop.

Many file sharing websites, such as LimeWire, have been shut down after a court order ruled them to.

Free music downloads have made a big impact on the music industry and plummeted the sales of many artists.  Because of this, the industry rarely signs many new acts as they need to be sure that they’ll make a profit from them and be able to sell records to a dedicated fan base.

Generally, people who are true fans of artists will download the music legally by paying for it, to show their support.  Always seek professional or legal advice if you are unsure about anything.
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Anonymous answered - Good mp3 search site. Type artist or song in search bar, pick from hundreds.. Just type the code in when promted, very important.. Seen in threads that some ppl get confused with that code thing.. - same setup as, but ive been having issues with this 1 lately?? Think sites down or messed up..

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