What Web Sites Offer Free Music Downloads Without A Credit Card?


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While the legality of downloading music from the internet for free is questionable, there are sites which do offer this service. You can try visiting amazon.com. While there is the option of purchasing music with a credit card, there are also free options available for you to peruse and download without any cost. Simply visit www.amazon.com/music and scroll down the left of the screen to view the link to 'free mp3 downloads'. There is a wide collection of mp3s available to suit all tastes. You could also try The Live Music Archive where you will find a back-catalogue of live tracks from a variety of different artists from concerts and festivals over the years. Similarly, you can visit www.freemusicarchive.org. It describes itself as an 'interactive library' and offers legal, free music downloads. Another possibility is a site called Legal Torrents although the legitimacy of this site could be questioned, it does offer a wide library of music downloads. Yet another choice could be www.thesixtyone.com. While not all of the music hosted is downloadable, it is perfectly legal and offers extensive choice. A similar site to this is www.jamendo.com. This is an very wide collection of music available to stream and download for no cost. On a slightly different level, there is ccmixter.org/ This site gives you access to a free collection of music and allows you to mix it together so you can definitely find or create something to your taste. As specified, all of the sites offer free music downloads without a credit card legally. There are of course sites which host illegal file sharing such as Rapid Share. However, use of such sites is not recommended as it can result in legal action being taken against you through copyright law.
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I want to be able to download music to my Itunes for free but I want a site that is safe and doesn't require a credit card.
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Try imesh
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RapidShare. I have downloaded many songs from them, they have previews where you can listen to the whole track and then download it on you're computer. Although your not supporting the artist, sometimes you just don't have the funds. So just try it out,
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I've recently found a website where you can download song for free without credit card. The only thing you need is an email and a facebook account. First, go to us.dada.net After, you just have to log on facebook(There is an icon just in the right up corner). If you did log on correctly, your name should be written on the top of the page. Under your name it should be written 3 credits. That's 3 credits of a free trial, it means that you can download 3 songs. You can have unlimited free trials just by logging of when you downloaded your 3 songs and logging in with another facebook account and naturally a different email. It's a little bit long if you want to download more than one or two albums but it's very simple and legal( at least I guess) ;)

P-S: It worked for me(I downloaded a 12 songs album), so I think it should work for you.
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You can always download Limewire. That's where I go all the time to download my cds and it's legal, just don't try to download the movies they aren't that great after they have been downloaded. But try Limewire your going to like it and it's easy.
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People I know go to limewire.com. I've made CD's from the music I've downloaded from there.
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Yeah,just typ on google downloads.nl and then pess the second link on the google seach link, then click mp3, then typ the name of the song's, then you right click then press save as target then put it in your music folder then press save then wait for it to download... Then......presto..
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Kaaza.com is one of the finest source from where you can download free albums, pictures, programs , videos and many more but there is one time fee for Kaaza to use but you can save this money by getting the download manager from any of your friend who have it because download manager do not ask you for any user names or password to put in before using them.
If none of your friends do have this program than also you can search on many different websites which offer free softwares to download. You can easily find that download manager.

Another good source for free music is to download other music only download managers like eMule and napster. However they may charge you for the songs you are downloading. Another good source is Mp3raid.com. It can provide you whole music albums free of cost. eMp3 is another good source. So my advice would be to search on any good search engine like Google or preferably dog pile.com. They both can provide you excellent resources from where you can download music of your choice and can also retain them with you , can play them on your I pod and other Mp3 players of your choice.
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What site offers free music downloads without having to use a credit card, or purchase anything to download?

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