What Websites Can I Find Rap Music That Is Not Blocked At School?


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There are various website available that are not blocked within schools, and offer rap music.  This includes watching videos at video.yahoo.com/ or if you are from the USA, you will be able to listen to music at www.pandora.com

You should be able to find websites offering rap music that are not blocked at school, by typing the relevant words into Google.  It is a good idea to try out different ones to see what results come up and if there are any websites that work within your country.

Many schools block music websites due to them being a distraction for pupils whilst they are in lessons or should be working.  Of course, there are some children that work better whilst listening to music, but many people abuse this and just use it to avoid doing what they are supposed to.

For example, on the Yahoo Video website, it may not be able to display all the videos on there, perhaps if one has a lot of swearing it, as they may have been blocked.  You should be able to access most other music content though.

Obviously it will vary from school to school and country to country.  Different places will have blocked different sites.

If you wanted to listen to rap music at school, you could buy it from your home computer and email it to your school email.  Download this to the computer there and then play it using music software already installed, such as Windows Media Player or iTunes.
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You guys suck none of these work!
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Try grooveshark.
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Umm . I'm at school now . A website that I'm on is called songarea.com
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I tried all the websites you people have said and none of them work! Once my friend got onto youtube but no one, and not even her cam do it again.
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Groove shark is really good my teacher showed us and I go there all the time in computer class
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Hi5 if  you ar looking for a game web go on blockte games at school it has abut 10 games on is.
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I would try PANDORA. They arent blocked at my school and like evrything else is.. So they are a really good site and you can listen to any kind of music and you can get musci channels and evrything like tht.. Pretty cool(:
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Pandora.com works but you can't really look up a specific song, but its still good ;o)
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My school is really gay about that stuff too so go to jokebottle.com and then type in the address you want to go to then push enter and it should go to it
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Well irelly good on is music-remedy.com work every time if it doesnt work the first time do it again it really works irelly
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I tryed every single website on here and Jokebottel isn't blocked but it is also not playing anything, I used to be able to go to www.krq.com and listin to music there but now it is recently blocked
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Not all of these will work, depending on the school and how often these have been used, but I hope this helps:)
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Try serching Flocabulary 5 things plot. Click youtube videos. When the videos pop up, click on the box with a stick man inside it. You may get stuck in part of the song. And trust me it is incredible! Then Enjoy! And if there is other ones you can use those too like the one that says: "What's going to happen?", with a black background.Those just have way more lyrics to the song or rap. If it says School tube it's fine. You can just trust it more than youtube. If you heard it before than it's okay. In other words you can find it on www.Schooltube.com or www.youtube.com.

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