Does Anyone Have Any Websites Or Sheet Music For Playing The Mess I Made By Parachute On The Piano?


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Sheet music is not free and hence you're going to have to pay for it if you want to be able to obtain this particular piece. You must remember that when it comes to sheet music, there is still the issue of copyright. That is why there are so many companies out there that sell sheet music in books, or in single pieces on the Internet.

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So where can you go? The Internet of course. A simple Internet search with 'The Mess I Made' and 'Parachute', you should be presented with a number of websites that offer sheet music. If they have the piece that you want, then obtaining it should be as simple as clicking on it, signing up to the website, entering your payment details and then pressing 'purchase'. You will no doubt be asked for your online safe banking password, so just enter that and you'll be allowed to use your card online -unless you're using Paypal.

If you can't find the sheet music you want on these online stores, however, then you could try eBay. This online website offers a range of products that you may not find anywhere else, so searching every couple of days might see this particular piece of sheet music pop up.

Failing this as well, you could just try some sheet music books that will be on sale in normal music stores. Many sheet music books include modern tracks, so there's no reason to say why you won't be able to find this song on a sheet music book. Just speak to the person in charge of the store and they'll be able to help you find the sheet music you need. You're sure to find a piece of sheet music using one of the sources I've outlined above.

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