Why Aren't Modern Heavy Metal Bands As Heavy As Older Heavy Metal Bands?


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Hello Thrashking. I look forward to having you as a friend. To answer your question about Heavy Metal today not being as heavy as metal years ago. I agree. But, you might want to check out Todd Rudgren. Yes the man who sang HELLO IT'S ME is rocking to some 80's era metal (without the big hair). Sorry, but I have to go now. I'm starving and I'm going to get some pizza delivered. Please don't be a stranger, we can talk about our experiences with some good Rock n'Roll. I like forward to it!
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Not as heavy!!!??? Have you not heard slipknot or dragonforce? I have to say that metallica are amazing but there are some good modern day heavy metal bands
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Johnathan king
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What does being good have to do with being heavy? And also slipknot and dragonforce are horrible. And why did you bring metallica up? I said bands like sarcofago and early death :b
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It's Dragonforce not Ragonforce,and it's not a video game either
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Thrashking what about Iron Maiden?
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I would like to say that slipknot they're not to be considered as music at all.They have no talent and the music they are playing (like hitting on a bin) is music a 4 year old can play.So what the heck is going wrong with you people go listen to the inventors of this music like Led Zeppelin,Black Sabbath,Judas Priest,Iron Maiden,Ac/dc,WASP and many others, to see what I am talking about.
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Check out August burns red, 10 X more heavy, or nile
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SLIPKNOT are one of the best bands ever,simply I find no difference to Heavy Metal now and then it hasn't changed...SLIPKNOT ain't speed metal they are just Heavy Metal,I agree with Jamezybee
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You should check out bring me the horizon... If you like screamo.... I might only be 13 but this band is pretty hardcore

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