Which Rock Bands Have Red Headed Lead Singers?


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  • Rock bands with red-haired lead singers
Mick Hucknall is probably the most famous red headed lead singer of a rock band. He is a British singer and has been the lead singer of Simply Red during their 25-year career. He is well known for his curly ginger hair and as well as rock, the band also sing a bit of jazz, soul and romantic lyrics. Mick Hucknall is not just a singer and also has a record label called simplyred.com and is a restaurant owner and has a reggae label called 'Blood and Fire'. Everything he does seem to revolve somehow around 'red' and this is now his statement color mainly because of his fiery hair.

  • Other famous singers with red hair
Ginger Baker has red hair and he is thought to be one of the best rock drummers of all time. He played with the bands Cream and Blind Faith in and around London and is also known to be a competitive cyclist and a lover of art.

Dace Mustaine is one of the best guitarists of all time and has lots of curly red hair. He was the founder and lead guitarist of the band Megadeath and also a guitarist for Metallica, one of the biggest rock bands of all time. He now manages Baptized in Blood.

Rhydian Roberts is another famous singer with red hair. He is a British singer who became famous in 2007 as he made it into the finals of X-Factor. This is a massively successful British talent show and rises many people to fame in an amazing short amount of time. He is an opera singer but does other types of singing too. He naturally has bright red hair but usually has it died bright white.
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If it's a girl.....hm...Hailey Williams?
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My chemical romance :)
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Flogging Molly. Kurt Cobain was red for a while.
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Fearless vampire killer's Kier Kemp has bright tulip-red hair at the moment, then of course Gerard Way (WOOHH) from My Chemical Romance had that bright red hair for the Danger Days album release and tour (but then it went blonde and it's dark again now...) Hayley Williams from Paramore is probably the most famous red headed front woman of the moment and Lzzy Hale was ginger-ish brown for a bit. I can't think of anyone else from the top of my head...

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