Can You Burn Music Off The Internet On To A Blank CD?


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Music downloaded from the internet can be burned onto a blank audio CD. There are a number of factors to consider when doing so, including what format the music files are in,  what music application is used and whether the files have been downloaded legally or illegally.

Generally-speaking, files bought from music download websites such as i-Tunes or Amazon tend to be compressed into MP3 or MP4 format which can't always be read by conventional CD players, so it is always worth considering what the ultimate purpose of the CD will be. Ideally CD players prefer .wav format files, meaning that music files will need to be converted first before burning onto a CD.

Most computers will include standrard music player applications, the majority of which have an in-built CD burning facility. Popular ones include Windows Media Player for PC's, and i-Tunes for Macs. Both of these programmes should have facilities to create a playlist and then burn this compilation of files onto a CD.

Instructions on how to use each individual programme can be found  by visiting the support pages for the relevant software. For example, Windows have a very handy 'how-to' support page on burning CD's using their Media Player that can be accessed by following this link:  Apple has also developed a similar how-to webpage for i-Tunes users ( that provides guidance on how to make a compilation for CD, convert files to different formats and much more.

Care should also be taken to ensure that the computer used has a CD-reader and writer drive, and that the correct CDs are used - ideally, one should buy audio-type blank CD's for this purpose. Also CD's do have a limit in terms of how much music can be downloaded onto them - in most cases, this is around 20 songs or so, depending on their length and how much memory they take up.

A note of warning: Music downloaded illegally from the internet is in violation of the copyright laws in many countries and can result in prosecution, so is best avoided.
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Yes, simply insert the CD and follow same rules to save... Just click on save to that drive in stead of C:// drive  It should have a little symbol that looks like a CD
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Yes you can burn the downloaded music either by using windows media player or burning sofwares like nero or by simply by burning wizard provided  by xp. 

to burn by using media player, insert he cd select the songs or playlist then click on burn. The burned songs will be stored in avi format.

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I want to get songs off the internet into my blank cd
Yes I go to youtube
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Download the music to windows media player or something like that first then you can burn it on to a blank cd
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Go to your windows media player (it should be already on your computer) then there should be a lil cartoon figure that says "Napster" click on that and download it. Its free. Then after its done you can search any of the songs you want, after that add it to your windows media player list. When your satisfied with the songs you have then scroll down and on the right bottom hand corner there's 2 bottons you can click on says start sync, or burn disk Either one should work. Those bottens are located at the library in windows media player's tool bar. When you got your songs then just hit burn to disk. All of the songs at Napster are FREE! For a helpful hit: If your lookin' for songs to put on ITunes..This is the BEST way! :) Hope I helped a lot

  xox... A Friend in need
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Go to site called limewire type in your song or artist download it then burn onto a blank cd it is a free site
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It's easier for me to just get limewire or something
like it and copy it and stuff.
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Get the ask tool bar that lets you record streaming music then record what songs you want once you record them they go into a folder then just add them to your media player and put them on a cd
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You first have to download the music from a website that offers that service.  One you have created a file with your music on your computer then you can burn it to a cd.  You will need to have the software to do that.  I recommend a site that you need to pay for downloads as to avoid any virus activity.  I hope this was helpful.
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There a site that offer free music to download and includes any type of music such, Rock, alternative, pop, party and.... Just go to (without typing "www" as you see), Then select the desired genre of music you want to download songs from.

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