There Was A Gospel Song That I Remember From When I Was A Kid Growing Up In The South. I Believe The Name Of The Song Was "Sorry I Never Knew You". I Would Like To Find The Sheet Music Or The Lyrics For The Song. Can You Help?


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Sorry I never knew you
jim ed brown

1st verse
last night as I lay sleeping a dream came to me
I dreamed about the end of time, about eternity
I saw a million sinners fall on their knees to pray
the lord he sadly shook his head and this I heard
him say.

sorry I never knew you,I find no record of your birth
sorry I never knew you go and serve the one that you have
served before.

2nd verse
I thought the time had fully come when I could stand
a thrive,I told the lord that I had been a christian
all the while,so thru his book ,he took a look,and
sadly shook his head.then he placed me over on his left
and this I heard him say..

sorry I never knew you,I find no record of your birth,
sorry I never knew you,go and serve the one that you
served down on earth.

3rd verse
there were my wife and children, I heard their loving voice,
they must have been so happy oh how they did rejoice,their
robes of white around them, their faces all aglow,my little
girl looked over at me and this I heard her say...


daddy we can't go with you,we must dwell in the joy of our
lord,sorry for we still love you,but you'll never be our daddy anymore.

4th verse
now when I had awakened , the tears were in my eyes,and looking all around
me, and there to my surprise there were my loving babies I knew it was a
dream and down beside that bed of mine
you should have heard me scream..

father which art in heaven , I know thou gave thine only
son, father please forgive me, for I want to be ready when
you come,
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You know what I would do is try a local church and ask if you can thumb through their hymnal.  You would be surprised at the old songs that you would find in there.  That one doesn't ring any bells to me.
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Wow, I remember my great aunt singing this song in church when I was just 6 or 7. Thank you for the lyrics.

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