What Is The Easiest Musical Instrument To Learn?


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Mark Henderson answered
Technique wise, the easiest instruments to learn are simple percussion instruments such as the triangle, maraca and tambourine.

However the easiest instrument you can learn will be an instrument you really want to learn! You'll find it difficult if you're not interested in the instrument or do not want to learn it. Hard work, perseverance and musical knowledge will all be essential if you wish to become proficient on your chosen instrument.

The easiest musical instrument to learn?
Apart from simple percussion instruments which simply require a good sense of rhythm and almost no technically ability, there are other instruments which are easy to pick up. These instruments may be easy to get a good sound out of initially, but will still require years of practice if you wish to become a very good player.

  • Saxophone: Notoriously difficult to master but easy to start learning. The saxophone was designed to do away with the complex facilities of the clarinet and, unlike many brass instruments, it is easy to get a simple sound out of.
  • Piano: The same principle applies to the piano as it does to the saxophone. The keys of the piano are easy to press and almost anyone can produce a good-sounding note. Again the difficulty with piano is learning to play the instrument well.
  • Drums: The drums should be easy to get a sound out of as they are a percussion instrument. They do not require much technical ability to learn until you become an experienced drummer. However if you do not have a good sense of rhythm then you may find progressing your skills on this instrument difficult!
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Bil Nutt answered
I'm not sure I put "guitar" in with the easiest instrument. You have to be very precise with your fingering, whether you're playing lead or rhythm.

For my money, the easiest would be the triangle. It only has one "note," so it's just a matter of when to hit it or not. (You could say the same thing about a wood block, I guess.)
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Suhail Ajmal answered
Guitars, Drums and Recorders are known to be the most easiest musical instruments to learn. If you want to choose one then the recorder is the easiest of all.
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Zoey Sky answered
The drums
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Kevin Kevin answered
I would say either the triangle or crash symbols. If you don't really count them as one of the bigger instruments, I would have to say the trombone. Fairly easy to learn and play.
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donna wills answered
I believe the harmonica to be the easiest to learn. One day I picked it up - six years ago - and I've been blowing tunes ever since, playing by ear. Love it!!

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