What is the best instrument to play?


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Catherine Howard Profile

I would say the best instrument to play is one that you feel a true passion for and love the sound of.  Just know that you probably won't sound great right away.  It takes lots of time and practice to sound good.

For me, the best instrument is the violin, which I have played for 15 years.  And no, I don't just play classical music.

Carlos Lara Profile
Carlos Lara answered

The one you find the easier one to express your feelings through music.

Elizabeth MacConnachie Profile

The guitar

The Drums

Your Voice

The Bass Guitar (the second driving force of the timing with the drums) 

The Electric guitar

12 string guitar

A synth


ly fen chen Profile
ly fen chen answered

by my mind, it depends on what instrument you like the best, so the passion, patience and perseverance are important. If you have 3 kinds of these, then you can play them very well.

Karl Sagan Profile
Karl Sagan answered

The most popular instruments in our time are guitars, pianos(synth) and drums. I prefer to play on Drums. And I`m looking for a new style like these ones I`m not a professional drummer but I prefer them more, cause this sound is much more better than usual. It more like to the classic rock music

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