What Instruments Did The Beatles Play?


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Without doubt the Beatles were one of the most popular and influential artists in contemporary music. Formed in Liverpool in 1960 the Beatles went on to become the most commercially successful artist of all time with estimated world wide sales of over a billion units. The Beatles songs and albums cover many different genres from rock n roll to classical and each member of the Beatles played more than just one instrument.

In the Beatles most successful line up of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr the band set the bench mark for pop and rock bands for a generation. Generally and especially in the Beatles early material, Lennon played rhythm guitar, Harrison lead guitar, McCartney bass guitar and Ringo Starr played drums. However as the band began to explore different genres the members would increasingly play a larger variety or different combination of instruments.

John Lennon : Guitar, Harmonica, Banjo, Piano, Bass Guitar, Keys and Vocals.

Paul McCartney : Bass Guitar, Guitar, Piano and Vocals.

George Harrison : Guitar, Sitar, Ukelele, Bass Guitar, Piano, Percussion and Vocals.

Ringo Starr : Drums, Percussion, Vocals and occasional Keys and Guitar.

John Lennon and Paul McCartney wrote and sang the majority of Beatles songs but both Ringo and George have written and sang lead vocals on some of the Beatles material.

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Beatles played different types of instruments like:

John: He is good at guitar, keyboard, harmonica, mellotron, organ and sang lead. Paul: He was at bass guitar,bass, drums keyboard and also sang lead. George: He is good at lead guitar, sitar and ukelele. Ringo: He played drums, hammond organ and tambourine. Both Ringo and George sang a few lead songs but mainly Paul and  John, the key stars, both sang and wrote nearly all songs.
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Just been on the Beatles tour in Liverpool and can't remember which record, the guide said, Ringo played the tambourine on. Can you help?
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Just been on the Beatles tour in Liverpool and can't remember which record, the guide said, Ringo played the tambourine on. Can you help?
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Ellie82 is totally correct.

but if you're looking at just the basics:

ringo: Drums (occasional back up vocal)
george: Lead guitar (vocal)
john: Rhythm guitar (vocal)
paul: Bass--left handed (vocal)

paul and george did write the vast majority of the songs although george wrote more during the later part of the band's time together. Ringo wrote a few.
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A very talented group. JOHN played guitar,keyboard,harmonica,banjo,percussion,  PAUL plays everything from bass,guitar,keyboards,drums,percussion,trumpet,sitar,etc.  GEORGE played lovely guitar,bass,keyboards,sitar,tamboura,percussion,ukelele.  RINGO is a wonderful drummer, but could also play some keyboards & guitar.  ALL were and are great.
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Throughout the Beatles early years (1962-65) the line-up mostly consisted of John playing rhythm guitar and Harmonica. Paul was on Bass and Piano, with George playing pretty much all lead guitar parts. Ringo of course, kept a steady beat on the drums.

The make/style of their instruments changed often in the later years (1966-70), but during the early period, John mostly used a Rickenbacker six-string guitar. Paul was faithful to his trusty Hofner Bass while George had two instruments during this time: a Gibson Epiphone and a newly acquired 12 string Rickenbacker (recently bought back from the early 1964 tour of the US). Ringo had his drum kit specially made by a German company called Ludwig.

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