What Record Label Did The Beatles Sign With To Produce "Introducing The Beatles"?


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The Beatles formed in Liverpool in 1960 and to date are the most commercially successful group in the history of contemporary music. The album "Introducing... The Beatles" was the first Beatles album to be released in the United States by the band. It was produced by George Martin. The album was released following a short lived legal battle in early 1964, despite initially being scheduled for release in 1963. The Album is identical to the Beatles UK debut "Please Please Me" apart from the name, and in keeping with American traditions of a twelve song LP the cutting of the title track and "Ask Me Why". Eventually Vee-Jay Records were permitted to distribute and sell the album in the US. By late 1964 the album had sold 1.3 million copies.

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The Beatles are one of the most commercially successful bands in the history of music. They were an English pop and rock group that originated from Liverpool. "Introducing the Beatles" was their first album in the United states that was released on 15th February, 1964. It was released by the record label Vee-Jay. The album remained at number 2 position on the US charts for 9 weeks.

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