What Record Company Is Rod Stewart Signed To?


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Girija Naiksatam Profile
Currently, Stewart is signed to Clive Davis' J Records label. Previous he was associated with Warner Brothers Records in 1998 and later switched to Atlantic records in the year 2000. The label dropped him when his sales didn't reach the desired target. In 2001 he signed up with J Records which is Clive Davis' new record label.

J records was an independent record label founded by Clive Davis after his tiff with another recording company Arista. J Records was earlier an independently managed company. In the year 2002, it began operating under the RCA Records Group after BMG bough a huge chink of the label. Presently, it forms a part of the Sony BMG group. Its operations merged with Arista in 2005 though both labels still continue to be used. J Records manages artists like Alicia Keys, Pearl Jam, Whitney Houston, and Luther Vandross among others.

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