Who Is Julia Roberts Married To?


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Julia Roberts, born Julie Fiona Roberts in Smyrna, Georgia; is married to cameraman, Daniel Moder. Roberts and Moder met in 2000 on the set of "The Mexican." Roberts and Moder's relationship heated up after Moder's five year marriage ended in a divorce in May 2002. On Independence Day 2004, Roberts and Moder exchanged marriage vows on Roberts' fourty acre ranch in New Mexico, USA. Fifty guests, mainly family and close friends, attended the special occassion thinking that they had been invited to celebrate Independence Day. With fireworks lighting up the sky, Roberts and Moder said a surprise "I Do" at midnight. On November 28, 2004 Julia Roberts and Daniel Moder welcomed their twins Phinnaeus "Finn" Walter Moder and Hazel Patricia Moder into the world. Julia Roberts' marriage to Daniel Moder is her second marriage. On June 25, 1993 Julia Roberts married country singer, Lyle Lovett but in March 1995 their marriage ended in a divorce.

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