Who Is Robert Pinkerton?


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He is a man who is currently on trial in Canada for the murder of 26 women. He is probably one of the worst murders in the history of Canada. In New Westminister, British Colombia-Canada, the serial murder trial of Robert Pinkerton began on Monday January 22,2007. Robert Pinkerton is accused of killing, dismembering, and disposing of the bodies of twenty-six different women, who were prostitutes and drug addicts. When investigating his pig farm, officials found body parts such as heads, hands, and feet cut into halves in a freezer. This trial is currently being called the biggest murder trial in Canadian history and is suspected to last more than a year. If convicted, Robert Pinkerton could spend life in prison because Canada does not have the death penalty. It is suspected that this murder trial will take more than a year to complete.

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