What Is Emma Roberts' Email Address?


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Do you think a girl so very beautiful will ever let her email address available for public to see? Certainly not and this is the reason that there is no method available that can help you to get the email address of Emma Roberts.

If we take the life of the actress, she is just sixteen and even at this tender age she has as much fan following as any established actors can have. She is also among those who have celebrities in their family and she is the daughter of Eric Roberts and her aunt is one of the best actresses Hollywood has ever seen; her aunt is Julia Roberts.

So don't try to get her email address but if you are a fan of her, go and watch her movies.

(Stars usually have official contact details on their official web sites for fan mail etc.)
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i'm sorry, i'm a huge fan, basically, and just wonderin' how could i send her a message to tell her personally how beautiful she is and how she had managed to revitalized my life.. i have a cancer by the way, and it would really mean so much to me to personally send her a message.. but i do understand, i think i've known all along that her email won't be available, but u know, in my case with such a horrible disease that i really really regret having, i sort of look and tried the possibilities even though certainly its impossible.. well, i just want to say i love you emma, as a fan, and uh, i love your act in unfabulous, it gave me sort of enthusiasm to live my life a bit longer.. i hope u'll do well in every bit of ur work. i wish u a thousand success, and if ever i got through this difficult time of my life, i'll see u again on screen.. thank u very much for everything, and i mean it.

"..i'll tell the whole world how beautiful u are emma, even if i die in the process.."
- tristam m.

[email protected]
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Hi emma roberts i am ahmed from egypt and ilove you so much maybe more thin this vicky and if you think i am older than you thin you wrong iam just forteen agien ilove you very very very much and im sorry if i do to you any problm and please i want to take your emil to i can tulk to you and i know u r very busy and i well understand if u do not have one [email protected]
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I do not know
but I really
hope to know
I love Emma Roberts very Much
I love her more than god
and more than my parents
more than Miley Cyrus
because she is very beautiful and pretty
I am crazy about her
I watch her everyday in Unfaboulous
I hope to marry her she is the most beautiful girl I ever see
I hope to have Emma Roberts realy E_mail Address
who give me really Emma Roberts email address
I love him very much
for your information:I live in Egypt and I am Egyptian
and she is older than me
I am 13 years old
she is 19 years old
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Her email yahoo
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Emma roberts my love is artist
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Emma Roberts
I love you so much you are the best star in the world  rely
ziad form Egypt
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I love you emma soooo much please I want to email address nour from egypt
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Emma roberts I love you very much really now only I have been your fan when I started waching your programs I'm from bahrain and I really want your email
an your number oki
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I'm going to have Emma Roberts be in my movie in till 5/3/2010 but first I need Emma's Email Address.

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