What Is Bill Gates' Email Address?


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William Henry Gates, Bill for short, has the most well known e-mail address in the world he gets over 4-5 million e-mails each day. Spam filters dump most of the junk and a bunch of Microsoft  employees filter the rest and forward the good ones to Bill.
His e-mail address is..... [email protected]
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Bill Gates or William Henry Gates is the name of an American tycoon who co founded and now presides over as Chairman of Microsoft, inarguably the planet's biggest software organisation. He has been stated as being the richest man on the planet by Forbes magazine for the last 13 successive years.

Bill Gates is one of the most popular entrepreneurs of the software boom; however, he has come in the news for the wrong reasons, like indulging in unethical practices. However, he is also known to be very charitable and ever since gathering his large fortune has been a regular donator to many charitable institutions.

Bill Gates personal email address is not made available to the public for obvious reasons, what one can do is visit the website and send a mail to the address put up there -
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Hi how are you? Guys
could let me know what is MR bill gates Email address or phone number?
I need to talk to him.

Thank you&best regards
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I need an email address for bill gates please
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My fan is bill gates. Like a my god. Micro god= bill gates..
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Bill Gates the most famous person ever in the world because of his money.He is the richest man in the world.I love him.I would like to have his e-mail and to speak with him about Microsoft..etc..and I would like to have some money from him..not too much but..I know I can`t...Love Bill Gates.

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