What Did Julia Roberts Do Before Becoming An Actress?


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At the age of seventeen, Julia Roberts left her hometown of Smyrna, Georgia and headed off to the Big Apple in the hopes of becoming an actress. Once there, Julia Roberts signed with the 'Click' agency and worked as a model whilst taking acting lessons on the side. Julia Roberts finally got her big break when her brother, actor Eric Roberts, convinced a director to cast her, alongside himself, in the 1989 film 'Blood Red.' Roberts went on to star in 'Mystic Pizza' in 1988 and 'Steel Magnolia's' in 1990, which gave her her first Oscar Nomination as Best Supporting Actress. That same year Julia Roberts played Vivian Ward; a hooker turned lady, and got her second nomination, this time for Best Actress. Julia Roberts is now one of the most successful actresses, a proud mother of two, gives her time to UNICEF charities and travels abroad to promote goodwill.

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