What Happened To Martha Stewart's TV Show?


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Good morning to whom it may concern,
I turned on the TV this morning to watch my favorite program and it was not on. Then I searched the channel to see if the show had been changed to a different time. I live in Commerce City, Colorado. Please let me know where I can find Her show.

Thank you
Shirley Knight
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While she was arrested a few years ago, she has been released and her show broadcasts on both a local station for me (in Kentucky) and on a cable channel (but I don't remember which). The cable channel airs in the evening, I think. Here's a link to find when it airs in your area.
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Good morning Martha ,my name is Richard S. Little I am retired from Chrysler Worked 42
years .I ,having my morning free now enjoy your show very much . I've learned a lot about
how to properly prepare and present brunch's lunch's dinner's . All from your show's . Oh
yes and you also started an interest in trees and plants ,and herbs. Please do not Quite , you  are a lady of real Class . Thank you for helping this old factory worker for not getting bored with being retired and changing my focus and attitude .I'm trying not to be a grumpy old man .Thanks again Richard Little......
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She got arrested because of some economic problem... I'm not sure exactly what

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