What Was "Mork And Mindy"?


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Mork and Mindy was the most popular new show of the 1978-79 television season. It was a spin off of the television series Happy Days in which a nutty alien tried to kidnap Richie Cunningham. It featured improvisational comic Robin Williams as Mork who was a free-spirited misfit from the planet of Ork. Ork was a world void of emotion and humour.

Mork was sent to Earth by his Orkan leader, Orson, to study the emotional behavior of its citizens. After landing his egg-shaped spaceship in the middle of Boulder, Colorado, he befriended a kind and pretty earthling named Mindy McConnell.

Mindy sheltered him in her attic and taught him about the wonderful world of humans. By the fall of 1981, the two mismatched roomies fell in love, married, and Mork gave birth to Jonathan Winters.

Riding on the crest of the sitcom's popularity, Mork's nutty lingo, "Nanu Nanu" (good-bye) and "Shazbat" "drats" became common catchphrases of the era.

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