What's the worst reality TV show?


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I feel very strongly about this question and the answer I'm giving it. The answer would be "Jersey Shore" on MTV, hands down. If you can even call it a "reality show". Apparently it is one.

But, it's everything you don't want to see on television. I live in New Jersey, and what you see on this "reality show" is nothing like what New Jersey is actually like. They are giving people who are not familiar with the area a very bad impression on it.

What also annoys me is the fact that the show is also attracting to many young audiences (especially teens). They love the show so much and watch it whenever it's on. They love watching a "show" about partying, "relationships", sex, and cars that 99 percent of us will never even be able to afford. I find it disgusting how this is what society has come to now, and that I have to spend my teen years growing up in this generation.

Remember when (I don't remember because I wasn't around) MTV used to play MUSIC videos in the 80's? That's what MTV stands for, MUSIC Television. Well, they don't play good 80's and 90's music videos anymore. Now you're stuck with Jersey Shore and this other show, "16 and Pregnant" (disgusting, I know).

If you've never watched the show yet, I advise you to never even bother watching it. These shows are among the worst on TV right now in my opinion. There are much better shows on TV now that you could watch, and that don't revolve around partying.

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10) My Super Sweet 16

9) Sarah Palin’s Alaska

8) Keeping Up With the Kardashians

7) Next

6) Bad Girls Club

5) Bridalplasty

4) Mob Wives

3) Duck Dynasty

2) Toddlers and Tiaras

1) Extreme Couponing

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Wow, there are some truly terrible TV shows in this list!! Thanks for sharing them though

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