What is the worst show out there? (I'd have to vote anything "reality")


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Anything to do with the Kardashians! I am so tired of seeing these people's lives unfold.

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CSI Cyber is pretty lame. Bad, bad spin off.

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Ancient Hippy
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I always liked and watched the original CSI, CSI New York and CSI Miami. NCIS is one of my favorite shows.
Ancient Hippy
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It was never the same when Grissom left the show. Warrick was actually fired because of demons in his personal life.
Ancient Hippy
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Fishburne made me stop watching the show, he was horrible. It wasn't too bad with Danson. From what I here, Danson will be joining the cast of CSI Cyber next season.
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America's got talent.

America does but they want let them be on their show

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I don't watch any reality tv because it isn't reality. You want reality, put a camera on a guy's head and ship him to prison, now there is reality.

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