How Do You Write The Title Of A TV Show?


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This question is a bit ambiguous so there are two answers here for you. Assuming that you mean how to come up with a title for a TV show I will start there. Titles for anything you write can be tricky because the title is supposed to provide the reader or audience with an idea of what the following content will be about. TV shows are no different. Think about some of the titles you know for TV shows like Bones or Covert Affairs.
What do you think these short titles tell you about the TV show for someone who has never heard of them? Bones would probably lead you to think the show has something to do with bones, though you might not understand what without reading a synopsis. In fact, the show is about forensic science as applied to bones and the nickname of the scientist is 'Bones'.
Let us think about Covert Affairs. The word 'covert' often means undercover or espionage so right there you would think this has something to do with something undercover or on the side of normal actions. Affairs can mean a lot of things such as adultery, an event, occurrence, or matter. Since you would not need to use covert with a title dealing with adultery one might conclude rightly that it is a spy show.
When you create a title for a TV show, you want to make certain that the main concept or theme of the show is explained in the title. So, what is your TV show about and how can you express it in under four words? As you can see from our explanation we also underlined the titles of shows as this is proper for MLA format, in which you underline the title of the show you are talking about and italicise the episode you might be discussing.

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