what is your favorite musical instrument?


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The electric guitar. There's nothing like a mesmerizing rift played by a great guitarist.

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No instrument can speak with me the way drum pieces do!

Drums has soul, if you connect with it's soul, you can reach an unstoppable joy. The only instrument that shows you another perspective of a team work. Each piece plays a crucial role to a different sound. Single sounds complete other instruments, mix of pieces they create rhythm. It can be as smooth as Jazz or as heavy as Metal. It can make you feel cheered or horrified. Drum means unlimited creativity & ultimate skill.

Many musics are incomplete without drum.

(Many times, drum is a background which makes the music enjoyable but people barely get their main attention to it) that's how we drummers do. Impress you without you knowing it. Gotcha!

My idol ♥ never get tire of listening to his drum.

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Matt Radiance
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You make me to run out of the words! Thank you so much for your positiveness and kindness Tiger :)
Matt Radiance
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I'll keep your advise in mind Tiger :)
I can't never appreciate you enough. it warms my heart and keeps me motivated. i went to say, that i feel lucky to have you as my friend, but first i should ask, do i deserve to have you as my friend ? i wish so! :)
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Any instrument if it's played well.

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That big harp that you hear when you are about to enter a dream

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Max Glazer
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I meant like the harp in cartoons, and yes I did move :( miss Dubai and my friends :(
Max Glazer
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In Lebanon, but hey that's good we now have an 8 hour difference instead of 9
Max Glazer
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Yep, about 11:53 pm now and I'm gonna sleep so goodnight!
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Dear Jet Lemm,

My favorite instrument changes with the musician...

If John Coltrane is around, it's the saxophone; if Yehudi Menuhin, then the violin...Gheorghe Zamfir, then clearly the pan flute is the absolute best (found him through Dozy). Jimmy Smith on jazz organ, nothing finer - Claudio Arrau interpreting Beethoven, then obviously piano is the best...and I am right there also for Hippie's exquisite steel guitar riffs.

(Coltrane with his wife Alice; a superb musician in her own right.)

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Hard to choose just one but pan pipes are beautiful.

If you want something completely different try the theremin. Haunting stuff and the musician doesn't even have to touch the instrument. Have a listen to Scott Marshall's Ghost Sonata.

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Didge Doo
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They were invented by a Russian of that name, almost 100 years ago. Your brother must be an interesting man to have been interested in them.
Virginia Lou
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That is absolutely remarkable Dozy, enjoying it very much
Virginia Lou
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100 years ago...Dozy my brother was doing this around 1960... I remember the company making the theremins went broke... too early for their time, perhaps.
After your piece finished, YouTube offered a Debussy piece played on theremin...fascinating, ty again!

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