What is your favorite genre of music and why?


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Edit: Edit: Would also like to add another mix. This has got to be hands down my favorite mix of all time. The songs in it are all amazing. I definitely recommend giving this one a listen to if you want to feel upbeat and motivated.

Songs such as the one below are my favorite kind. Why? Cause it makes me feel good. I made the playlist so go ahead and check it out. You never know but you may just find your new favorite song. At around  1:51 is my favorite part. So elegant and majestic.

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Christian Leckey
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The broad term for this type of music if called electronic. The specific name for it is dubstep.
Virginia Lou
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Received, Christian, and ty
Virginia Lou
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Christian for you new edit, do you have a favourite "place" like the other one, that I could go to and just listen for a little bit and try it out, like you did the other one at 1:51 or something?
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http://entertainment.blurtit.com/4509407/whats-your-favorite-genres-of-music-and-why :)

Mine is trap music like this (it's a link) and IMO there is no bad trap music only okay and good. 

Of course, I like other genres of music as well ;) including alternative, regular hip-hop/rap, R&B, and pop with rock influences. 

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Easy. I like music that focuses on melody rather than just depending on a beat. Put me down for almost everything from Wagner to Billy Joel, but leave out the noisier boom-boom rock.

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Metal. Thrash, heavy, gothic, death, melodic, groove, instrumental, doom, alternative. Metal isn't all the same. It has tonnes of sub-genres, it's really hard to get bored of it if you're a fan. Both the instrumentals and the vocals get me into it.

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Virginia Lou
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I like thrash metal.
I think metal evolved out of the acid rock/heavy metal of my era coming-of-age, in the Sixties...and it is fun to see that blossom.
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Dear Christian Leckey,

Yours is one of the all-time easiest questions to come up on Blurt...                 I do like almost all genres of music, including delight at your own selection (esp 1:51 on). However, my favorite hands-down is classical.

I don't know why classical, my heart just sings for it. Here for you is Dad and the two kids, jamming down with NIGHT MUSIC FROM THE STREETS OF MADRID, Luigi Boccherini (1743-1805):

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It really depends on my mood and what I'm doing, but most generally, my Pandora consists of classic rock to metal, really anything goes except rap or country. If I'm trying to relax after a bad day, classical music to Tony Bennett is soothing and just what the doctor ordered.

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It really depends on my mood. I like most genres. Everything frome Bach to the Beatles to the Beastie Boys. From Glenn Miller to Steve Miller. From UB40 to U2

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I like electronica too. I like dubstep and trap the best. I also like drum and bass, glitch hop, and house.

Current song addiction:

I also listen to a lot of alterantive rock too.

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