What Is The Most Violent And Rude Genre Of Rock Music?


5 Answers

j bohn Profile
j bohn answered
Let me give you guys a little help, hands down no contest it's brutal death metal. Nothing else even comes close. Just check groups like Lust Of Decay, Devourment, Gorgasm, Cannibal Corpse, Dying Fetus, Aversion To Life, Necrotic Disgorgement and you'll see. All those other bands are wuss when compared to.
Jolene Winn Profile
Jolene Winn answered
I would have to say Alice Cooper, unless you are talking all Rock music, then I would have to say Marilyn Manson
Justin Williamson Profile
I'd say that you should try Dragonforce. I'm not sure what fast and rude tones are but they're a really good band.
Tamalika Mukherjee Profile
Yup,I agree with Treehuger...Korn,Disturbed,Godsmack,Staind are so COOL and so full of bitterness that you'll be blown away...

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