What Affected Teenagers To Listen To Rock Music?


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The two which seem to be reported the most and repeatedly;
Hearing loss from seemingly continuous playing at top volume
with head plugs or speakers.
Latching onto an idea of desperation or violent action to 'relieve'
the pain of whatever situation the hormone induced tormented
existence the teenagers is placing through at the time.

ON THE GOOD SIDE: It clicks with the dynamics of impeding action, heights & stirs to a fever pitch a sense of preparation to be involved with a tribal event, releases energy and promotes movement/dancing. It burns up energies with head and body jerks. It's alive And of course the beat and the lyrics are in tune with what the person is working out in their thinking or arouse a call to actions being thought about! Rock on Garth!
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I think teenagers like to listen to Rock coz it's so energetic & loud, so it's similar to their attitude & they feel that it's exciting & thrilling.
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Because they can escape reality.

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Cause it has a good beat; the kind that makes your left lobe bounce to your right lobe.

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