Do you listen to rock music and if you do what is your favorite rock song?


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Yep I listen to a lot of rock music. I got 3 favorites Brick by Boring Brick and Turn it off by Paramore. And the Pretender by the Foo Fighters.

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Yes, I like to listen to classic rock, rock, and metal far as a favorite song....Well, waaaay too many to choose from, so here's a short list! Halestorm: I get off, Misery, A Familiar Taste of Poison

Metallica: Enter Sandman, Suicide and Redemption, Bleeding Me

The Doors: Love Her Madly, Strange, Roadhouse Blues

Alice in Chains: Man in the Box, Rooster, Heaven Beside You

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CTA (Later called Chicago) 25 or 6 to 4

(This week, next week it'll be something different)

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