What Is The Significance Of Kid Rock's Tattoo?


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Kid Rock, or Robert James Ritchie, is an American Grammy award winning singer hailing from Romeo, Michigan. He is known to have several tattoos on his body, with the most prominent one being the word 'Paul' on his upper left arm.

Paul Tattoo
The 'Paul' tattoo that Kid Rock has on his left arm is a tribute to a deceased cousin to whom Kid Rock was particularly close. It is widely suggested that Paul tragically took his own life.

American bad ass
Another Kid Rock tattoo that may be of significance to many of his fans is the American Eagle that adorns his upper back. The tattoo is a typical example of the 'Americana' genre of tattooing, which is a form of 'old school tattooing' recognizable by its use of heavy outlines, lack of shading, and an abundance of black or dark blue ink. Often, the subject of these tattoos will portray a particularly 'American' symbol, with a bald eagle being a perfect example.

In Kid Rock's case, the eagle flies between two banners that read 'American' and 'Bad Ass'.

This is probably a reference to the culture represented in his bourbon-swigging, country-tinged, rap rock where he adapts various aspects of biker culture, 'redneck' culture and rap culture over guitar based music.

Kid Rock also had particular success with a track named 'American Bass Ass' that appeared in his 2000 compilation 'The History of Rock'.
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Due to various reasons, not much is known about the tattoo of Kid Rock. He has the name 'Paul' tattooed on his left arm near his biceps area. It is said that Paul was Kid Rock's cousin who had put his life to an end due to some reason. As it is a very personal matter and a family affair, the topic has been low key and Kid Rock is not asked that question. It is said that his cousin Paul was very close to him and he got the tattoo made in his remembrance.

Some of Kid Rock's other tattoos include the letter 'D' of the Detroit Tigers which is a popular baseball team of the United States of America hailing from the city of Detroit in the state of Michigan and that is where the singer is from.
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and where do you get that information from...you'd better do some checkin'!!
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Yes, Paul Francis is Kid's cousin who took his life in 1994. Paul was a very good friend of mine and a great person who had many trials and tribulations in his life. He did not know at the time he died that his girlfriend was pregnant with his son. I read scripture at Paul's funeral and Kid (Bob Ritchie) sang at the funeral. My heart aches everyday for his loss.
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It is definatly a personal matter....speaking as someone who knows, the tattoo PAUL is in tribute to Paul Richard Francis.  I know because Paul (RIP) is and always will be my fraternity brother from college.  Keep the spirit alive Bobby.  We love you and Paul...forever and always.
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It is the name of his deceased cousin.Let him rest people...it's not your business!...Oh and...by the way KID ROCK...AKA ROBERT RITCHIE IS FREAKIN' HOT!
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