How Many Children Does Kid Rock Have? Who Is The Mother?


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Kid Rock (Robert Ritchie) is an American singer-songwriter and rapper who has had quite a controversial history relating mainly to his relationship with Pamela Anderson. Following the announcement of their relationship in 2001, they married in 2006 only to get a divorce 5 months later. This raises questions about whether Kid Rock himself has any children. The artist is not very upfront about his children and they are rarely mentioned online or in interviews. In two sources, however, it has been revealed that Kid Rock has a son who is either 17 or 18 years old. In a report by in 2007, it is stated that Kid Rock was worried about what effect a public feud that he and Tommy Lee (the father of Pamela Anderson's children and ex-husband) had would have on his son. And again in an interview for the UK newspaper "The Independent" carried out in 2008, he revealed that he lived with his 15 year old son in Charleston, Texas.
On one website it has been reported that Robert Ritchie (Kid Rock) has one son names Robert Ritchie Jr. Who was born on the fourteenth of June 1993 meaning that at the time of writing this answer, he would be 17 years old. The website also stated that the mother of his son Robert Ritchie Jr. Is Kelly South Russell who was Kid Rock's girlfriend for a period of time in the early 1990s. Another article on a celebrity press website "" published when Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson filed for a divorce in 2006 speaks of Kid's son Bob Jr. From former "flame" Kelly South Russell.
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Kid Rock has one son called Robert James Ritchie Jr. Born on June 14 1993. The mother is Kelley South Russell.
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A son!  Whoever wrote daughter You are wrong.
A daughter sweetie.
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A son named Junior
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He actually does have a daughter that  he doesn't claim by a porn star named midori ....look it up.

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