Is the mother of kid rock's son black?


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The mom of Kid Rock's son is black. Her name is Kelley South Russell.

  • Kid Rock.
Kid Rock, whose full name is Robert James Richie was born in Michigan in 1971 and he has been a musician since the 1990s. At the height of his fame, he was married to Pamela Anderson, a relationship that is said to have ended due to Pamela talking bad about his family to his son, Robert Junior.

  • Robert Junior
Robert Junior is Kid Rock's only child. He was born in 1994 to Kid Rock and Kelley South Russell. In the same year Kid Rock took a paternity test to check that he was the father; he and Kelley were not in a relationship at the time that the baby was conceived.

  • Custody battle
As the two parents were not in a relationship when Robert Junior was born, Kid Rock filed for custody. During this custody battle which took place in 1995, it transpired that Kelley South Russell was a heavy drinker and had an alcohol dependency issue. The investigation also found that she had once stabbed Kid Rock in the leg. These factors lead to Kid Rock gaining full custody of Robert Junior.

  • Growing up
Robert Junior has been brought up in Michigan and has been looked after by Kid Rock. This has given him a life of more luxurious things, especially when living in LA for a short period with Pamela Anderson.

  • Black chick, white guy.
The song, black chick, white guy is said to be about the rocky relationship between Kid Rock and Kelley South Russell.

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