What was your favorite decade of music?


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Toni Pauze answered

The 60’s and 70’s

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90's or 80's and new musics (everything that is Good no matter what decade )

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PJ Stein answered

Don't have one particular decade. I have really eclectic musical taste. I love Glenn Miller from the 40s. The 60s had so many great bands that have influenced the generations that followed.  The Beatles,  The Stones, Cream, Motown. Southern Rock from the 70s. 80s New Wave was fun. 90s Alternative.

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Matt Radiance answered

Honestly my favorite decade is 70's-80's mixture! But i didn't even exist at the time.

But the music, the vibe, the fashion, the connection . . It always felt appealing and i tend to feel a connection to those eras.

Kim Wilde and Sandra are one of my top favorites of those eras!

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I like songs , 70's ( Carpenters ) 80's ( Phil Collins )

i like some 90's music , i like Little Anthony & the Imperials , Donna Fargo , Tammy Wynette ,  Charlie Rich , Charlie Pride , Freddy Fender, Loretta Lynn ,  Sara Evans , Randy Travis , list goes on. 

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Straight Edge  Society
Yeah i like all kinds of music :)
Skip  Gentry
Skip Gentry commented
They were probably before your time, Willie. I liked Little Anthony and The Imperials. They were popular in the 60’s.
Straight Edge  Society
I listen to music my late mom listen to with us kids growing up and it sounded great . Also make note that back in year 2000 they had Doo Wop out and i can remember it would come on Channel WQED Channel 13 out of Pittsburgh PA and my late mom would talk to my aunt and they would watch Doo Wop together it was Summer of August of 2000 . Growing we listen to Rod Stewart and his songs Maggie Mae etc .

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