I have a problem. I was in an Uber car and a really great song came on. it was completely in French, but I do remember that it had a jazz feel to it and the words "mon" "amour" and "coeur" in the name of it. please help me find this song?


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I would love to help you find this song, but it's gonna be difficult. The words "mon amour" (my love) and "coeur" (heart) are pretty common in love songs... And jazz is a pretty large genre.

Was it a male singer or female? When you say "jazz feel", does that mean it was more modern, but had jazz influence? Are there any other distinguishing details you can think of? Instruments used? Was it on the radio station or a streaming/mp3/CD?

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The singer was female, I'm pretty sure piano was the most recognizable instrument. It felt pretty old. Classy I guess. It was rather slow paced too. It was streaming through the Uber drivers phone.

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