Would You Want To Meet Miley Cyrus?


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sunday Profile
sunday answered
Yeah i would want to meet u. Your style of music interests me and my goal is to one day be an actress so i would think we have some things in common and would have fun
Rat Watts (play upon my name) Profile
Well, yes, even if just to see what sort of person you are. In my opinion, it's hard to tell what a person is truly like from a distance (figuratively and literally - i live all the way in Australia). So the answer is indeed yes, though very unlikely to happen I'm afraid to say.
Tyler Sawyer Profile
Tyler Sawyer answered
I would love to meet her
Anindita Ghosh Profile
Anindita Ghosh answered
Of course i want...!!

Its one of my goals...
kayla ramsey Profile
kayla ramsey answered
I would like to meet you miley cryus.
scout deere Profile
scout deere answered
I'm not a giant fan of her music,but I actually WOULD like to meet her. She is a great role model and seems like she would be caring to people.
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
Yes yes and let me think yesi am such a big fan and r u really the real Miley Cyrus cause if u r OMG i am the biggest fan eva
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
Miley if its really you id love 2 meet u once u actually sighned my shirt nd u told me hope we could b friends.(im a girl by da way)
Kelsey Ackerman Profile
Kelsey Ackerman answered
I guess she is nice when you get past the sick pictures to nick j
maybe but like i said are you really you...

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