If you were going to write an open letter to Miley Cyrus, what would you say?


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An open letter to Miley Cyrus from me would go something like this.

Dear Miley

Frankly, I'm worried about you and I really think you need counseling.

When you were young, 'Hannah Montana' was a huge hit show for you and it was fun to watch. It was a nice family show and good to see your real dad and godmother acting alongside you.

Then you grew up and needed to shake the whole 'Hannah' persona, I get that, I really do. However, was there really any need to turn into a semi porn star in the process?

It seems your main aim now is not to make music, but to shock. Your dad is a lovely man and he stands by you, what a gentleman. Yet he must be deeply hurt by the way you are behaving, and I would think that Dolly Parton isn't exactly proud to call you her God daughter right now either.

At the moment Miley, you are just a joke. Everyone just laughs at, and pities, you. 

Do something about it before it is too late. If this is you being grown up I would hate to see your idea of a complete career train wreck.

The sad part is, Hannah Montana was a much nicer person and she didn't actually exist!

Get help, become an adult and try to save the career that you are killing more and more each day.

That's all :-)

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