If you were able to go see any band perform live for free, what performance would you go to?


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Jaimie JT answered

I've seen some amazing live performances ... Elton John, fleetwood Mac , Alice cooper , G&R and Metallica are  my favourites so far :) I saw Rod Stewart live aswell not my favourite but I got to see woman throw their undies up on stage which was a trip cos I thought that was a thing of the past:)  ... Any way , I'd like to see Kayne West live cos I hear he puts on an amazing show and I like his music  .. DON'T JUDGE ME KANYE HATERS !!! Cos I said so :p

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Mountain Man answered

I would have to say Pink Floyd because I've never seen them and I heard they have an excellent light show to go with the great music.

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Jann Nikka answered

Beyoncé. Cuz.

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Lard Ass answered

Current bands.....Metallica is the only one I think I'd care to see.

Led Zepplin, Janis, The Doors.....all ones that would be amazing, alas....

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Barb Cala answered

Paul McCartney!  I check out the prices for his upcoming concert in Washington DC ... YIKES.  I love his music, but I'm not going to pay that much to go to a concert.  (I saw the Beatles perform live in the 60's and the most expensive seats were $5.50 ... Lol)

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Last night I just received my tickets for The Who. They are an anniversary present from my best friend. I will see them on the the 25th of this month. I hear they are amazing live, I can't wait!

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Matt Radiance answered

The only band that i live with, breath with and listen to and i'd go to visit them anytime would be

♥ ------- > L i N k I n    P a R k <-------- ♥

New cover of Rock Sound magazine related to the process of their new album! Heck i'm excited!! They were in their 20's when i known them, now they're into 30's and 40's and they are still great! They'll always be! No matter what,anything from their mind, hands,humor and talent is valuable to me.

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