If you could go on tour with one band for a week, what band would it be?


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I'd like to hang out with the Who, in their heyday...........party time!!!!

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I love this question !!!:) I would want to travel back in time and travel with The Doors .. Jim Morrison. I'd totally hit that :O  there's  a long ramble that could go along with this answer about  how I once dated a guy that was obsessed with him "Morrison " and acted like him so I competly fell  for him for about ten minutes in teenage puppy love time then I saw the doors movie and realized he was just emulating  him ... Emulating ? I think that's the right word.. Anyway I forget what I was on about now so that's fine.  I forget the question now too, I think I answered it though.

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Green  day .

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The gods of rock  led zeppelin they had their own plane a big one

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A. I know I am born late but if I could travel with a band it will
definitely be Pink Floyd! The fact that they are no more together is
irreversible, but I say if I was born in 60s or 70s I would definitely want to
be with them.

Well, talking about present, I guess there’re
still a lot of bands who are doing great but if I could still fulfil my wish, I
would go tour with Think Floyd. Yes it sounds similar to Pink Floyd but that’s
‘cause it’s an Indian tribute band for the latter, which has toured
internationally too. You folks can read and listen more about this band on http://starclinch.com/book-band-online just search the name on here and be “comfortably numb”!

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I like listening the music, so if I could go with them, then I hope they would play the country, romantic, or relaxing music, as after having a good relax, then we could be easier into a sleep and had the sweet dream as well.

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