What Is The Future Of Music? Will It Get Better Or Worse? 


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Who knows? No one can predict the future but - as with many art forms and popular culture - music trends are usually cyclical. Music is a matter of personal taste, so what is terrible music in the opinion of one person may be another's favourite.

Popular music is cyclic!
Throughout the 20th century, popular music has evolved constantly, but since the birth of rock and pop music in the 1960s, pop music entered a cycle.

The introduction of electronic instruments, and the digital music and recording revolution have reinvigorated popular music, and helped to expand on themes than had already been visited. During the late 1960s and early '70s, rock music was the most popular genre in the western world. However, following this period, electronic and pop music took centre stage in the '80s, and this was then rejected - with rock reinstating itself as a force in the form of the grunge music of the early '90s.

Music genres come and go, and advances in technology and social and cultural trends help to reinvent an old music genre into a modern form. For example, electronic artists have recently made a come-back, as the electronic music that was ousted in the 90s has returned - armed with a modern array of digital technology.
  • Music genres and trends tend to be cyclical.
  • Technology evolves.
  • Social, cultural, political and economic events help to shape the musical environment.
  • Almost all forms of music have already been explored.
  • Popular music tends to be a variation on a theme, rather than a whole new story.
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Yep - it's bound to get better, as different styles of music will be fused together as experimental music like heavy rock and dub music create "djent music". New music is always being created as the lines of rock, dance and indie are fused closer and closer together. These exciting new sounds are usually worth checking out.
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Well, it can't get much worse so I'm going to say that it gets better. Whether it will ever be as good as it once was is a completely different question.

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