Where Can I Download Absolutely Free Music Other Than Limewire?


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Downloading music for free has been a phenomenon of the internet over the past 10 years or so. For a long period of time there were many sites available which enabled people to download tracks and albums for free within minutes. Many court cases have ensued over the past few years due to copy write issues and artists claiming that they are entitled to a cut of any royalties owed to them. Many high profile cases, such as the Napster case have seen the courts becoming more and more involved in cases of download sites versus musicians and artists. As a result these sites are becoming fewer and fewer. Limewire was one of the last few remaining sites available which music lovers could visit and download music for no fee due to a number of legal loopholes, but it appears, time has caught up with them and a recent court case has meant even Limewire are now restricted in terms of the free music download service they can now provide. It appears that now that just about all of these sites are extinct and the only way to ensure good quality tunes can be downloaded straight to your computer or MP3 player is to pay for them. Sites such as iTunes enable you to do this easily, either by visiting their website and setting up a payment account, or by purchasing vouchers from music stores which can be redeemed for music online.
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Last.fm, using the site's Audioscrobbler is an excellent downloads site.
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You can use a youtube converter called video2mp3. All you have to do is copy and paste the url of the youtube music video and click convert. It strips away the audio from the video and is better then limewire.
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Last.fm, using the site's Audioscrobbler is an excellent music downloads site.
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It is completely illegal. Nevertheless I used MP3skull and MP3juice.

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You can use several methods: Youtube downloading app, Browser addon (Just notice, that Google Ply store won't offer such solutions) or free online services like YouTube to mp3.org

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I use frost-wire.... Its similar to lime-wire but I haven't gotten any viruses yet from it.....
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Just type into google, youtube converter. Go on the top one and just copy and paste the youtube link into the bar. It is really good but just make sure the sound of the video is good quality.
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PLEASE!!!! Oh please do not use that program you get the worst trojan and virus from that oh my god my friend her computer just snapped all her programs were lost due to that don't use it
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There's a bunch of programs besides Limewire... You can use eMule, Azureus or Ares for example, or you can download it from youtube by using vixy.net and choosing mp3 format.
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Pick a song off of youtube.... Then go to www.video2mp3.net    works for me.... But becareful with some of the you tube video.... Because if its from an official youtube page the song will come 15 minutes

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