Can I Download Music In Format .cda?


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Guys do you really know the difference between MP3 nad CDA format?....Human ears can hear a frequency from 20 to 20000 Hz. Sound with CDa format can have frekvency less the 20 and more then 20000. In Format CDa all sounds with frekvency less then 20 and more then 20000 are deleted. Thats why you can have 12 music songs in one CD and 200 and more MP3 musics :-D And its impossible to have better quality vhen you will format MP3 into CDA. Quality will be the same becouse that high frekvences are not there :-D....You need to learn a lot  :-D
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Finding quality music downloads in .cda format is a bit difficult as most of the songs are in .wma or mp3 formats, the ones mostly used. Even if you get a website it won't have a wide range of music to chose from. My advice would be to download MP3 files using one of the free shareware softwares like Ares Lite. After doing so convert the music into .cda format using a converter. A MP3 to .Cda converter is available on the following link.
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Hi thx 4 your answer, i went to your link and put the music i wanted converting but it doesnt explain anywhere what to do next or how to convet, any ideas plz
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Yes I want to indian songs not mp3 format I give indian songs format format

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