Woooohoooo! To all WESTLIFE haters...westlife have just been named 2nd best-selling artists of the DECADE! Now beat tht suckers? (Europe Only!)


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Who is westlife and why should we care. : ) best selling artist in what country and what decade. As I have never heard of them they can't be that great or they would be a recognized household name. : ) .this is like saying- blackwell's best dress list says your outfit is the tops while no one in the real world cares who blackwell is or what he says. : ). In other words your opinion or the group that has said this group is the best of the decade is only one viewpoint.: ) . Sort of like asking what flavor ice cream everyone likes.even though most people like ice-cream they  are likely to choose different flavors do to their personal taste. : ).
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Addilynn All Star
And no its not my viewpoint its a fact...its all added up there...8)
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So in actuallity they are only tops in one part of the world. : ) and that's the facts. Now you know the rest of the story.as walter cronkite would say.
Addilynn All Star
Yehh..in Europe..they never bothered with the US...but they are Irish and i love em and thts all tht matters...8)...(and their still second!)
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Haha ok.. Who is the first? They beat your sweet, Westlife lol!
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Tony Newcastle
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You sure have, Addilynno;....and YOU are the greatest girl on The Planet, as well.
Addilynn All Star
8) great to hear! I hope you're not pulling my leg! (not liturually of course!) cus..i wud be freaked out then...
Tony Newcastle
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Not a bit of it. I just enjoy speaking in superlatives!
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Well I'm not Europe but congrats to them =)
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That's some feat Addi, as they were only beaten to first place by Eminem.I know whose music I'd rather listen to and it's not whiny rap :)

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