What Song Goes: Ba Da Da Dum, Ba Da Da Da Daaa. Ba Da Da Dum Dum, Ba Da Da Da Da Da Dum?


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From the information given, it is very difficult to work out what the song in question is. However, the best guess that could be given is 'Chelsea Dagger' by The Fratellis. It is highly recommended that this song is listened to (on a website such as YouTube or ITunes) to verify whether or not this is the correct song. If not, you could use Shazam, a new software program that has been recently developed. This software allows the user to sing or hum a song into a voice recorder. It will then provide you with a number of possible songs that the song in question could be, working with the tune you have provided.

  • The Fratellis
The Fratellis is a popular indie music band made up of male vocalists and musicians. It has become very popular over recent years, particularly with the younger generation of music fans. The band has had two top hits: 'Whistle for the Choir' and 'Chelsea Dagger'. These hits were released when the band enjoyed widespread success, between the years of 2006 and 2009. The Fratellis have been quieter on the music scene lately, although it is believed they are currently working on a new album that will include some new sounds to differentiate it from the band's previous works.

  • 21st century Indie music
In the latter part of the 2000-2010 decade, indie music became widely popular throughout the United States and Europe. Whole festivals now take place worldwide featuring only indie bands. The indie style of music typically features medium to fast tempos, acoustic guitar playing and male vocalists. It could be considered a cross between typical pop music and alternative style music (from bands such as The Smiths and The Manic Street Preachers). Many believe it to be 'stylish' and indie has now almost become a brand, with high street stores such as Topshop and All Saints aiming to provide fashion tastes that suit the music genre.
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Yes whats the spanish one called
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Halle Berry (She's Fine)- Hurricane Chris

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If it was EDM, its Keys N Krates - "Dum Dee Dum"

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I'm not really sure. I'm looking for that too! XD It's that one classical song that plays on Fairy Tail whenever the Magic Counsel appears. That is all I can help you with! XD

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is it the one that goes, ba da da dum dee dee dum de de dum da da dum da da dum de dum dee dee?

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I have no idea, sorry this isn't helpful but I've been trying to find what I hope is the same song too.

Is yours the one that starts off with loads of mad techno rave trance-stuffs?
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The band that is known to do Da Da Da is a German act known as Trio. If it goes like this," Da Da Da, I don't love you, you don't love me." Then that is it.
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It is the baby song that goes Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da, its next word will be Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma, :))
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It's by the German electronic band Trio and the song is called Da Da Da which was released in 1982.
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Oh my gosh!! I heard this song today and thought, I have to get this song!! The only part I knew went: Ba da da da da da da.... Etc etc etc. So I thought, fat chance I'm going to find that!! But I come home, and tell myself, it's worth a try (although inside I know, uh duh, what am I going to find if I type "Ba da da da" into Google? But, what I've learn, NEVER underestimate google!! Thank you SO SO SO much!!! I've finally found it!! Yes, the one I was looking for was Chelsea Dagger by the Fratellis. LOL, would be funny if it was a different song to what you were looking for. But anyway. I'm happy, and I can now rest knowing that I have finally found the sound which has taunted me by singing it's catchy chorus in my head!! THANK YOU!!!
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Hi there,

playing with the lyrics a little bit -- I came to this - unfortunately it can be seen as an oldie :

"Belly of the whale " by Burning Sensations

Mike Dennis.

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