What Are The Lyrics To The Special Agent Oso Song?


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The lyrics to the Special Agent Oso theme tune are as follows:

Special alert! Special alert!
Meet Special Agent Oso, the unique stuffed bear
He’s on a special assignment, to help a kid somewhere
And with help from you, there’s nothing he can’t do
He’s oh so special (Hurry special agent Oso)
Oh so special (Sounds like a plan)
When he’s on the scene, he’ll do all he can
Learning brand new skills, facing danger and thrills
It’s all part of the plan
He’s oh so special (Hurry Oso)
Oh so special (Way to go)
Special agent (special agent) Oso!

About Special Agent Oso
Special Agent Oso is a children's television show about a teddy bear named Oso, who helps children with tasks such as cleaning their rooms and blowing bubbles.

Many of the episode names are plays on James Bond titles - for example, Three Wheels Are Not Enough instead of The World Is Not Enough.
Special Agent Oso was created by Ford Riley. Initially the show was aired on Playhouse Disney, but was moved to Disney Junior in February 2011.
Special Agent Oso has also been translated, and is now shown in over thirty-five countries including Russia, Japan, Poland and the UK.

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