Which Are The Best 50 Duets In Music?


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The 50 best duets is always going to be a subjective matter. There is never going to be a hard and fast chart that everyone agrees on. The biggest obstacle is how do you quantify best; the duets that sold the most records are unlikely to satisfy everyone as a measure.

In the UK, the Daily Telegraph attempted to draw up just such a top 50 by drawing on the collective wisdom of their music critics. The resulting top 50 put Some Velvet Morning by Lee Hazelwood and Nancy Sinatra at number one.

This chart was drawn up in 2003 and may now need some revision.

Strangely, the Daily Telegraph's chart of top 50 duets appears to be the one of the few web accessible exercises in cataloguing this musical genre. The only other top 50 duet chart found online originated in Vibe magazine and reckoned Alexander O'neal and Cherelle's duet, Saturday love was number one.

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