Who Sings The Song With Lyrics The Song "Women Do The Things Men Do"?


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Unfortunately, this sample of lyrics seems to be too short to draw up any results online.

A past Blurtit answer states Drew Sidora, a female solo singer, may be behind the lyrics, but no more trace appears other than that. Her myspace page features just one song - 'Juke It' - which does not feature those lyrics, and her website is now defunct.

The lyric seems to be part of this:

"I'll hold the leash, you go and play,
Women do the things men do
I like your game, I'll come and play,
Two can play at this, player"

Again though, this brings up no known song or artist. It has apparently appeared once on the US show 'The Game'; a comedy-drama series that started in 2006 and is currently in Season 4 as of 2011, with Season 5 already confirmed. Search results conflict, saying it was Season 1 Episode 1, but that they thought the episode was called 'Away Game'. This is actually episode 2; episode 1 is 'The Rules of the Game'.

Either way though, these two episodes would be the two to watch to hear the song mentioned. DVDs of the show might state in their credits who the song was sung or written by.

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