Who Sings The Song Wobble Wobble, All The Big Girls Back It Up?


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This song is by V.I.C and is from the album entitled, 'Beast'. It reached number 89 in the US R&B chart in 2008.

V.I.C is an American rapper from Atlanta, Georgia. His real name is Victor Grimmy Owusu and he was born on July 20 1987. Although, the song 'Wobble Wobble' was a well-known song for the rapper, his most successful song to date was entitled 'Get Silly.' This was also from the 'Beast' album and it managed to reach number 29 in the Billboard Hot 100 charts list back in 2008.

The next album entitled, 'Revenge' is due for release in 2012 on Warner Bros. Records and Young Mogul Records. Some of the first singles from the album that have been released include 'Say Bow' which features J. Futuristic and this was originally released in 2009. 'Makin' Sounds' features Hollywood Dinero and this was originally released in 2011.

Born in Queens, New York the rapper began writing songs at school at the young age of only ten when he wrote a song about drug awareness. He then moved with his family to an Atlanta suburb called College Park where he went on to graduate from high school and work for a while as a freelance barber.
If you want to be able to sing along to 'Wobble Wobble' the next time you hear the song, the lyrics can be found at this link:

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